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Spotlight on OUT Candidates

Daniel Smith, Jr. [HD 12]

As a lifelong resident of the region House District 12 represents, I, like many others in the area (and well beyond), have grown weary of the toxic, extremist, homophobic, and even costly rhetoric & actions we have had to sustain for the 20 year incumbent Daryl Metcalfe. It finally reached a point where I said "enough is enough, somebody has to do something about this!" To my great surprise, I was not alone in my thinking; shortly after announcing my intentions to challenge the incumbent, I have been joined in this big effort by many others who feel the same way. Our campaign is building around this energy and is compromised of Democrats, Independents and Republicans who are all focused on a single issue - defeating Daryl Metcalfe and sending a new voice to Harrisburg in November.

Malcolm Kenyatta [HD 181]

I am a third-generation North Philadelphian who has hails from a history of activism. My grandfather, Muhammad Kenyatta, ran for Philadelphia mayor in 1975. I am a graduate of Temple University, and recently led the diversity and inclusion initiative for the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia. I was overwhelmingly elected a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, drawing 82,000 votes -- the second highest of any delegate in the state. I've been laser-focused on increasing support for a living wage, public education funding, universal healthcare, small business creation and removing systemic barriers that hurt disenfranchised communities.  I joined the Equality PA board because I strongly believed our state should work for everyone, no matter who you love. I stepped off the board to avoid conflicts of interest as I run for State Rep.  I look forward to working every single day for the community!

Kristin Seale [HD 168]

I'm a lifelong public servant with a long track record of protecting and supporting communities in public health, poverty law, and energy, by advocating for and successfully moving bipartisan legislation in two state legislatures through community-led and coalition-based collaboration with elected decision makers. I am running for the 168th because 52% of my district are women, and we've never had a woman represent us in this legislative body, which is the largest in the US and has 18% women. I am running because I feel called to protect the hard won civil rights and civil liberties that protect me, my family, everyone we love and care about and our community. We deserve to live free of discrimination and reach our full human potential. I'm running because I've been fighting alongside my friends and
neighbors since August of 2016 to protect the health and lives of our community from the Sunoco/ Energy Transfer Partners hazardous byproduct of fracking 'natural gas liquids' pure profit pipeline that will export to Europe for plastics manufacturing, not add to American
energy security.

Douglas Metcalfe, Esq. [HD 128]

Our State Legislature isn’t working – or at least not for most Pennsylvanians. They can’t pass a budget on time. They appease the special interests and turn their backs on their constituents. Pennsylvania’s Legislature is one of the largest and most expensive, yet the least productive. It is time to Put People Before Politics. It is time to change Harrisburg. The residents of the 128th District need a results-oriented leader in Harrisburg! I am committed to improving the economic prosperity for all Pennsylvanians by creating family-sustaining jobs, championing education, investing in our infrastructure and reducing the tax burden on working families and seniors. I am committed to going to Harrisburg to fight for ALL Pennsylvanians!  As an openly gay man I have spent most of my adult life advocating for equality and LGBTQ rights. Equality Pennsylvania is very near and dear to my heart as I spent more than 7 years on the Board,
including a stint as the Board President. My husband, Brian, and I have been together 25 years and are raising our two daughters. We have been outspoken advocates for LGBTQ parents and families.

Lisa Boeving-Learned [HD 8]

I am running because I believe PA needs progressive representatives to stand for working class and marginalized citizens. LGBT rights are under assault from right-wing extremists, and our community needs champions. win or lose, I see my candidacy as an opportunity to educate the wider community, to let them see our community as the normal citizens and community leaders we are.  I lived through a childhood where I had to come to terms with my sexuality without any support. During my military service, I experienced discrimination and harassment. My friends and fellow soldiers who identified as LGBTQ had to live very closeted, stressful lives when we simply wanted to serve our country. As a young police officer, my life was similar. In 2001, a personal friend was killed on duty and her partner denied spousal benefits in FL. This sparked my activism on LGBTQ rights. From that day, I was open and outspoken, fighting for equal benefits for LGBTQ officers at our agency. Like many, I wondered if I'd see the day in my lifetime when I could legally marry. Since that day arrived, I have been filled with gratitude and emotion, being able to recognize my wife and have the security that marriage affords. I will never allow our community to go back to those days of second-class citizenship or fear.

Jason Ruff [HD 183]

There are consequences when we let party politics control government, and in the end, it is always the hard-working citizens who suffer. The people the 183rd district deserve a leader committed to asking tough questions, talk about what isn’t working, listen, and then go to
Harrisburg and fight for smart solutions that work for our district. I’m committed to sensible gun control while protecting our second amendment, smart property tax reform/elimination for property owners, fair districts that give voice to every vote, expanding services for
veterans and seniors, support for small business owners, implementing tax breaks for our firefighters, and community improvements that raise property values. We need fresh leadership, growth, economic development, a strong advocate especially for the LGBT community in the Lehigh Valley and progress for our beautiful district! As a member of the LGBTQ community who has protested on the steps of the Supreme Court, worked with grassroots Lehigh Valley activist organizations, and experienced struggle in a state where the LGBTQ community has been discriminated against, both socially and legally, I am excited to partner with Equality PA in fighting for the rights of LGBTQ members across PA, and am looking forward to the progress we can make together in Harrisburg!

Michael Wascovich [HD 47]

I am running to make a difference in my community. For far too long we have been forced to vote for individuals that do no represent us or the community as a whole. I want to fix the broken system and make our government work for us once again.

As a member of the LGBTQ community I believe in all the great work that Equality PA has done for the community to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table. I am a married out gay man and I know what it has beenlike to face discrimination during my lifetime.  My past experience with LGBTQ Civil Rights has been brief. My husband and I have marched, spoken out, and been interviewed about marriage equality. We have spoke out against the discriminatory Don't Ask Don't Tell rule and Trump's ban of transgender people of serving openly in our military.

Mary Auker-Endres [HD 98]

Too long politicians have prioritized their own careers over the people they represent, choosing their own voters, getting elected, and then staying put, building their pensions instead of their districts. I am running to put families first. I will advocate for good quality schools and investment from the state to ensure it. I will fight for affordable and quality healthcare access so no one has to choose between a roof over their heads and care for an loved one. And I will work to instate reform in the state legislature-- I have publicly promised to refuse a state pension, to term limit myself, to not accept gifts, and to be as transparent as possible. I would work to see these promises be made policy for all legislators.have fought continuously for LGBTQ rights as an adult. I was part of the campaign for Referendum 74 when I lived in Washington and was very proud to see Washington pass marriage equality as part of the surge that eventually proud it to the entire nation. I have always been an ardent and vocal supporter of rights for all and would not cease to be so once elected. I would use my elevated platform to amplify the voices of the LGBTQ community and bring more voices to the table.

Equality PA has also endorsed Out Candidates:

Brian Sims [HD 182]